Company News

• 4/21/2014 I recently had the pleasure of meeting Yvette Cruz at the Memories Scrapbooking Expo in Columbus.  Yvette is an employee at Home Depot in Westerville, Ohio and made a place card holder for Frank Blake, Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot Inc. using our Apron and Tools Dies (CSBD27).

It’s not often the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company gets a card made with Our Daily Bread Designs products so we are passing on Yvette’s wonderful story to all our customers.

Home Depot Apron 

"My name is Yvette Cruz I work in Westerville, Ohio. Frank Blake came to our store for a visit. This was a big deal for our store and I wanted to do something extra ordinary for him so I thought I would use the apron die that I had bought from your company. I made place card holders out of the aprons so that each person in the meeting would have one. What I didn't know when planning all of this is that Frank was bringing 2 visitors with him, Bernie Marcus and Ken Langone, two of the founders of our Company.   Lucky for me I made extra in case we made a mistake on writing the names on the cards…………..when I saw them walk in the door, me and my friend rushed back and wrote Bernie and Ken's name on place cards too. Well one of the store managers who I have known for quite some time had the three of them sign their place cards for me. When I got my picture taken with Frank, Bernie, and Ken; Frank told me what a great job I had done on the Decorations. Later in the week the director of events planning for Atlanta got in touch with me to ask how I had made the cards. You see, she wanted to use these for all of the Luncheons that she planned. She thought they were so cute! So I bought an additional Die set and sent it to them along with the instructions on how to make the cards. So when I saw you at the expo, I thought you would like to know that Frank had gotten one of them (which I have along with Bernie and Ken's that are auto graphed.)"


• 4/16/2014  Our Daily Bread Designs LLC, announced it has acquired Artistic Outpost LLC from its founding owners, Robin and Steven Sharp and Shelley Carr. ... Read More


• 3/25/2014 New Printing Equipment allows us at Our Daily Bread Designs to print our own Catalogs, Flyers, Brochures and Designer Paper

We never intentionally planned on becoming printers but that’s one of our newest ventures.  For the last few years, we’ve farmed out our Catalog and Custom Designer Paper to companies that specialize in large volume printing.  It was not only expensive but it also tied up a lot of operating cash.  This was especially true with catalogs since best pricing was achieved with orders of 10,000+ catalogs. 

Now that we have a commercial/industrial grade printer, we’ve brought everything back in-house.  This allows us to print “on demand” everything we need along with small lot items such as Show Brochures, handouts and custom signs for our booth.  

One other important note, we’ve been able to increase the number of new releases for our designer paper pads.  Already since the beginning of the year, we have released 5 new ODBD paper pads.